*TICA Registered Cattery 20227
*Signed and abides by the TICA Voluntary Code of Ethics for Breeders

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White Mountain Siberians was a small home based cattery located on the east side of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We bred Siberian cats of all colors but colorpoints were our favorite.

We stopped breeding Siberians as of June 2016.  We may breed Siberians again at some point in the future.

If you are looking for kittens I highly recommend contacting my friends and mentors Mike White of www.WhitesFarm.com and Donna Evan of www.siberiancatlovers.com.  They are both located in Pittsfield NH,

Siberians have a reputation for being hypoallergenic - which doesn't mean that they will not cause a reaction but they are proven to be tolerated by persons who have sensitivities to other types of cats.

They are known for their dog-like personalities. They are very intelligent and great problem solvers when they want to get to something! They are very curious about whatever you might be doing and they are always at the door waiting when you come home.

White Mountain Siberians